ProThoughts was born to provide a deep focus in project management. Project Management, we feel, does not get the treatment it deserves in a lot of organizations. Project Management is practiced, as we have experienced, in a reactive way and which is exactly opposite in the way it should be done. So, at ProThoughts, our leadership team believes that there is a lot to be done in the way the project management is practiced and there is a huge scope for improvement. Also, the Project Management market is a huge market with every possible organization practicing project management in some form or the other. Imagine, if they can practice project management in a correct way and deliver the goods which satisfy the customer. Who does not want this?

Our Team:

Our team is what we differentiate us from the rest. It started with a handful of passionate individuals who quit their cushy jobs to bring about a change in what they believed and of course, at the same time, enjoy what they liked the most.

At ProThoughts, every team member contributes to the company and see their individual impact of work. Needless to say, every team member enjoys their work and is their own boss. And therefore, the team performs and everyone is a key member. The Team is good as the captain and that’s what we live by.

ProThoughts as a Collaborative Platform:

ProThoughts was conceptualized as one stop project management platform bringing all the aspirants, practitioners and experts of project management together. The platform will offer various solutions curated by experts and consumed by the entire community of project managers. The various solutions currently that we provide are:

  • Learning Services
  • E-Learning
  • Online Training
  • Classroom Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Project Management Software
  • Consulting Services
  • E-Commerce (Project Management books)
  • Rich Content (Webinars, Vblogs, Blogs, Podcasts, News & Surveys, etc)
  • Resource Matching (Job Portal)
  • Counselling Services
  • A Global Player:

ProThoughts started with a single city, and has expanded its’ reach to 4 cities in India physically, and all across India with its’s online offering. We have also expanded our reach to Middle East, Africa (Mauritius) and Asia with our Software and Learning services. We want to be a Global player offering our collaborative platform and be a true native organization offering project management solutions.

Every project aims to succeed and deliver the solution to the satisfaction of the customer. However, there comes many challenges and a huge number of projects fail. The estimated failure rate of projects is indicated at a whopping 68%. And that’s where ProThoughts add value and decrease the associated risks. ProThoughts ensures that you “succeed with your projects”. That’s we work hard for – for your project success and that’s our endeavor.

And all our solutions aim for the same goal. The ultimate goal we want to achieve is to “Think Project Management, Think ProThoughts” – this is the maxim and that’s where we are growing the company slowly & steadily.

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