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Gamification as a Methodology in Learning

Gamification as a Methodology in Learning

Who does not like games? Some play contact or active sports, some play games in office boardrooms and some on their smartphones. Games do keep people engaged and engrossed in getting more out of a given thing.

For me, hitting a gym is very claustrophobic and a better way of exercise is always outdoor or active…Continue Reading

Online V/s Classroom Training – Doing the PMP® the right way !




One of the recent upcoming trends in the education industry is the training moving from traditional way of the classroom to a modern way of the online classroom via e-learning.

If we look at it,…Continue Reading

Rita Mulcahy 9th Edition VS PMBoK 6th Edition – Which book is the best to study for PMP® Certification Exam

5 vs 6

A lot of first time students who wish to take the Project Management Professional PMP® Certification exam have this question – which is the best book to study for the PMP® Certification…Continue Reading