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The Agile and Waterfall – Does PMBoK 6th Edition addresses Agile methodology?

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Agile has become a new buzzword in the project management community and a lot of queries do come at ProThoughts on which Agile certification we need to do. I…Continue Reading

Do Organizations need Program Manager?


Program Management is the next destination for many Project Managers. The Program Management definition was kind of disputed among the many institutions such as PMI, Axelos, etc on what really constitutes Program Management and…Continue Reading

Is PgMP next move for you?


PgMP – Program Management Certification is offered by PMI® and one of the growing advanced certifications in the project management space.

Before I answer whether PgMP is the right next move for you, which is…Continue Reading

What I learned from my PMP Certification!

PMP Training (One to One) Adults

I vividly remember me doing my PMP certification exam in 2005. At that time, I was in Infosys and we were setting up…Continue Reading

Getting it Right – Preparing for the PMP exam – DO NOT Overstudy.

Getting it Right – Preparing for the PMP exam – DO NOT Overstudy.

Many people fail the exam because their preparation was faulty. You can avoid this mistake.

One of the common asks we come across is “Give me more” – The more the better. We do not think so. In fact, the right dose of medicine helps – not more, not less. One sure thing, from our experience…Continue Reading