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ProThoughts - Blog | PMP Certification Training In Mumbai - Part 2
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PMI®-PDUs : Frequently Asked Questions?


A list of frequently asked questions for project management certified holders:

  • What are PDUs?

PDUs stands for Professional Development Units. PDUs are the measuring unit used to quantify your professional development as part of…Continue Reading

How to Maintain Multiple PMI® Certifications?



PMI® makes it simple for you to earn PDUs that you may use to maintain more than one certification at the same time. You can earn PDUs for multiple certifications in the…Continue Reading

How to report on PMI®- PDUs for Project Management Certifications?


You are now familiar with how to earn the PDUs. That was easy, isn’t it?

Now the next step – How to Report on the PDUs?

You are responsible for recording your PDU activities as they…Continue Reading

Communications – Key to Project Success!



When I was at the beginning of my career, I use to see senior leads and managers walking into the office while on calls. All day long they were busy and occupied either in…Continue Reading

What are the different ways to Earn PMI- PDUs?

How to earn PDUs High ouality

Our expert always believes that earning PDUs and maintaining your PMP® Certificate is one of the easiest jobs as compared to passing the PMP® exam.
PMI wants…Continue Reading