How to Maintain Multiple PMI Certifications?

PMI makes it simple for you to earn PDUs that you may use to maintain more than one certification at the same time. You can earn PDUs for multiple certifications in the following ways:

Educational PDUs: 

Leadership and Strategic & Business Management PDUs Apply Across All Certifications

Since leadership and strategic & business management concepts are broader educational topics and not specific to any one certification domain area, the PDUs claimed in these education areas can be applied across all certifications.

For example, if you attend a course that awards two leadership PDUs, you will be able to count them towards every certification you hold.

Technical PDUs Can Apply to Multiple Certifications

Education around technical skills is specific to each certification domain area (e.g., the technical skills needed to perform program management are different than those for business analysis). However, certain technical topics are applicable to multiple certification domain areas. If an educational activity contains technical content that is applicable to multiple certifications, then technical PDUs can be claimed for all relevant certifications. The number of PDUs claimed should be equivalent to the amount of time spent on those specific technical topics.

Additionally, all technical PDUs earned will be counted towards the maintenance of the PMP certification.

For example, if you took a 10-hour project/program management course covering multiple areas including risk management (3 hours), scheduling (2 hours), business analysis/requirements management (2 hours) and agile (1 hour), the PDU breakdown would be as follows:

Giving Back to the Profession PDUs

Giving Back PDUs Apply Across All Certifications

Since giving back to the professional activities are more broadly applicable, the PDUs claimed through these activities can be applied across all certifications.

As an example, if you claim 2 PDUs for volunteering at a PMI event, you may count them towards every certification you hold.

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