Vilas More

All the sessions were very good and the session helped me to get my concept very clear.

Paresh Shah

All the sessions were valuable,as it were to the subject instructor explained with relavant examples.

Minaz Shaikh

Ice breaking and rapid fire sessions.Keep up the good work! All the best.

Amit Vishwakarma

ProThoughts is best.Training is Mindblowing.It helps me lot to understand the procedure in structure.

Suman Nayak

Really helped in getting a know how about the topics in PMP® course Material.

Prasanna Kamath

The session of rapid fire was good as it brought out the keywords out of the storage room of our brains.

Darshan Jani

Great work and thanks for making people knowledgable and helping them to be conduct day to day work in seamless manner.

Atul Pimpalkar

Cousre content were great and instructor has cleared all doubts.

Chetan Kandi

Course/activity sequence was very good.Overall oustanding experience for all 4 days.

Hemant parkhe

Cousre content were great and instructor has cleared all doubts.

Abhay Naik

Its great learning experience with Instructor.

Vivek Chavan

Excellent Programme conducted by Instructor.All session were valuable.

Jayesh Patel

Instructor delivered the concepts very good.It was amazing experience all 4 days.

Balbir Prajapati

All the sessions were excellent as they are fundamentals of project management.

Anuj Srivastava

Excellent material with tricks and tips.All knowledge areas and other contents including games were good.

RajeshKumar Sah

This program was a wonderful and valuable is all section.

Lionell Misquitta

Loved rapid fire game.Overall good sessions.

Rehan Shaikh

Thanks for the values and time spend for educating on pmp.


All lot of knowledge and misconcepts were cleared.It is simply great being here.

Soumya Mukherjee

All is good,helped me understanding overall framework,met my objective.

Snehal Desai

Practical examples were very helpful and help in remembering the topics with high recall value.

Sanjib kumar

Will look forward to all future offerings from prothoughts and would love to partner in some of the new initiatives if opportunity exists.

Kavya bollina

Help in understanding what to prioritize on.

Amina Jaffer

Had an amazing learning experience.i am sure have learnt PMP® concepts very well.

Anirbban Goswami

Had a fantastic learning experience with instructor and i am sure this will help me clear PMP® test.

Dv Prasad

It was an exciting fruitful and academically enriching experience.

Bhupesh Kothari

All the sessions by instructor was really good.It was explained in simple language with examples.

Vijay Manem

Overall very good knowledgable sessions.Instructor is very good at explaining in an earlier way.Thank you prothoughts for supporting.

Aashish Nashte

Instructor is very professional.He has explained all the PMP® concepts with examples from real world.We definetly have right direction to start with.

Aditya Routray

All the session were valuable and learned something from every session.